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Important: The Intel ifx compiler is not able to produce correct executables for Quantum Package. Please use ifort as long as you can, and consider switching to gfortran in the long term.

Quantum Package 2.2


Quantum package 2.0: an open-source determinant-driven suite of programs
Y. Garniron, K. Gasperich, T. Applencourt, A. Benali, A. Ferté, J. Paquier, B. Pradines, R. Assaraf, P. Reinhardt, J. Toulouse, P. Barbaresco, N. Renon, G. David, J. P. Malrieu, M. Véril, M. Caffarel, P. F. Loos, E. Giner and A. Scemama
J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2019, 15, 6, 3591-3609

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Getting started

Discussion list

For any questions or announcements regarding QuantumPackage, you can join our discussion list by registering here or by sending an email to quantum_package-request@groupes.renater.fr . You can also look over its archives.

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