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remove some bugs in the SrVO3 tutorial

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@ -166,6 +166,13 @@ For other choices of the interaction matrices (e.g Slater representation) or
Hamiltonians, we refer to the reference manual of the :ref:`TRIQS <triqslibs:welcome>`
As a last step, we initialize the subgroup in the hdf5 archive to store the results::
if mpi.is_master_node():
with HDFArchive(dft_filename+'.h5') as ar:
if (not ar.is_group('dmft_output')):
DMFT cycle
@ -182,8 +189,8 @@ some additional refinements::
S.G_iw << SK.extract_G_loc()[0] # calc the local Green function
mpi.report("Total charge of Gloc : %.6f"%S.G_iw.total_density())
# Init the DC term and the real part of Sigma, if no previous runs found:
if (iteration_number==1 and previous_present==False):
# In the first loop, init the DC term and the real part of Sigma:
if (iteration_number==1):
dm = S.G_iw.density()
SK.calc_dc(dm, U_interact = U, J_hund = J, orb = 0, use_dc_formula = dc_type)
S.Sigma_iw << SK.dc_imp[0]['up'][0,0]
@ -199,7 +206,7 @@ some additional refinements::
mpi.report("Total charge of impurity problem : %.6f"%S.G_iw.total_density())
# Now mix Sigma and G with factor mix, if wanted:
if (iteration_number>1 or previous_present):
if (iteration_number>1):
if mpi.is_master_node():
with HDFArchive(dft_filename+'.h5','r') as ar:
mpi.report("Mixing Sigma and G with factor %s"%mix)
@ -210,7 +217,7 @@ some additional refinements::
# Write the final Sigma and G to the hdf5 archive:
if mpi.is_master_node():
with HDFArchive(dft_filename+'.h5','a') as ar:
with HDFArchive(dft_filename+'.h5') as ar:
ar['dmft_output']['iterations'] = iteration_number
ar['dmft_output']['G_0'] = S.G0_iw
ar['dmft_output']['G_tau'] = S.G_tau