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@ -26,21 +26,21 @@ Prerequisites
Installation steps
#. Download the sources from github::
#. Download the source code by cloning the ``TRIQS/dft_tools`` repository from GitHub::
$ git clone https://github.com/TRIQS/dft_tools.git src
$ git clone https://github.com/TRIQS/dft_tools.git dft_tools.src
#. Create an empty build directory where you will compile the code::
#. Create and move to a new directory where you will compile the code::
$ mkdir dft_tools.build && cd dft_tools.build
#. Make sure that you have added the TRIQS and Cpp2Py installation to your environment variables::
#. Ensure that your shell contains the TRIQS environment variables by sourcing the ``triqsvars.sh`` file from your TRIQS installation::
$ source path_to_triqs/share/triqsvarsh.sh
#. In the build directory call cmake
#. In the build directory call cmake, including any additional custom CMake options, see below::
$ cmake ../src
$ cmake ../dft_tools.src
#. Compile the code, run the tests and install the application::