Added a notebook with the theory for the tJ model.

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vijay gopal chilkuri 2020-03-17 10:45:45 +01:00
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@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ ${BIN_DIR}:
directories: ${OBJ_DIR} ${LIB_DIR} ${BIN_DIR}
${LIB_DIR}/irpf90.a: directories
cd ${SRC_DIR} && irpf90 init && $(MAKE) && cp IRPF90_temp/irpf90.a ../${LIB_DIR}
cd ${SRC_DIR} && irpf90 init && $(MAKE) irpf90.a && cp irpf90.a ../${LIB_DIR}
${OBJ_DIR}/get_ntot.o: ${SRC_DIR}/get_ntot.c directories chkopts

notebooks/t_J_Model.ipynb Normal file

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